Livestreaming is indispensable when real-time interaction is required. From product presentations and webinars to global events – livestreaming enables direct connections to your audience.

Brand and corporate communication tool.

When and why is livestreaming useful?

Livestreaming is ideal for product launches, training courses, Q&A sessions, conferences and brand events. It creates an authentic and direct connection with the audience, whether employees, customers, partners or other stakeholders. But what if the live broadcast is to run via a dedicated channel and not via the familiar social media channels? What if you want to communicate simultaneously from and between several locations? With an experienced team of media, video and live broadcast specialists, we offer our customers full-service solutions to stream video and audio live from and to branding touchpoints worldwide via the web.

“Livestreaming transforms brand messages into immediate experiences, creates authentic connections and takes corporate communication to a new, limitless level.”

Live is emotion, is pure brand experience.

From simple live broadcasts to interactive webinars and 360-degree streams, there are numerous formats. The choice depends on your objectives and the type of message you want to convey. In any case, the technical realization requires a reliable streaming platform, high-quality cameras and professional audio equipment. Experienced technicians are important to ensure a smooth transmission. The provision of live translations is also crucial for international reach. Professional interpreters or at least subtitles ensure that the brand messages and content are understood in all locations.

We support you from the concept to the live stream and professional recording for events, moderations, presentations, interviews and trade fairs:

  • Own equipment
  • Experienced team
  • Decades of experience in live audio and video broadcasting
  • International network

Livestreaming enables international B2B companies to have a global presence without physical barriers. It strengthens brand communication, improves customer loyalty and offers the opportunity to present innovative products and services worldwide. Overall, livestreaming is a powerful tool for modern corporate communication that combines accessibility, interactivity and global reach.

a perfect team

Photo, video and virtual realities must be thought of and created together. At INCREON, this is possible in-house, with all-inclusive services. From the creative idea, concept and storyboard to shooting, post-production and motion graphics to integration in virtual spaces and videos in virtual spaces with virtual machines and people, everything is possible. Experts work together on an interdisciplinary basis. For a unique brand or product experience.


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