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Brand Values

Shared values hold a community together. Shared brand values hold companies together, often across locations, forming a community with managers and employees. Lived brand values contribute to success in B2B companies if they are authentically expressed and communicated.

More connection and loyalty.

It is the “ideals” that shape the company, the B2B brand, and its employees in their actions. They are the link between past, present, and future. They are part of the strategic corporate decisions, the brand strategy, and the communication with employees, customers, and the market. They define what a brand stands for and make the brand tangible in a variety of ways. In brand consulting, we are concerned with uncovering the hidden or as yet unknown brand values that already exist in the company.

Guiding principles translate brand values into action.

Guiding principles translate the brand values into active action. They describe how the B2B company, the brand, and employees should behave in principle so that the brand values of the company are fulfilled sustainably and credibly and the corporate goals are achieved. Especially in highly competitive markets or in phases of rapid growth, lived brand values and guiding principles make all the difference. They ensure stability and provide orientation.

The advantages of brand values

  1. Brand values and guiding principles are the guiding principles for daily actions and long-term business decisions. Brand values are the building blocks of corporate culture. Motives and desires are their source, visions and goals their consequence. Brand values provide the necessary orientation and are the basis for brand identity and image.
  2. Strong brand values, which are lived by all employees and experienced by all customers in their contact with the company, promote loyalty and thus secure long-term existence and growth. In other words, brand values are valuable, can be experienced, and are therefore measurable.
  3. Clear, recognizable brand values help to retain the right talent and find the right talent. If personal values match the brand values of a company, this leads to more motivation, efficiency, and enthusiasm on the part of the employees.

How many brand values do you need?

Three to five central brand values should be enough for a B2B company. Brand values are about precision and focus, not a colorful flower garden where everyone can pick whatever they want.

Each brand value is explained with one or two guiding principles. This makes it easier for everyone to understand the values in their daily application and to act accordingly. Clear guiding principles simplify implementation.

However, the most important thing from a brand consulting perspective is to communicate the brand values and guiding principles so that all employees know them. Brand values belong in the brand guidelines, they belong in the onboarding process, they belong in team meetings and employee discussions, and so on. And it is important that top management and executives are credible role models, that their words are followed by actions, that employees and customers can orient themselves to them.

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