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INCREON regards itself as one of the leading international naming agencies for industrial marketing communication in Germany, with its headquarters in Munich, Germany and a second office in Shanghai, China. Founded in 2000, INCREON is specialized in naming for international B2B brand communication.

The right name for companies, products, and services.

“Tell me what your name is and I’ll tell you who you are!” This saying is especially true for the names of companies, products, and services. From the branding strategy to creation, we are your agency for naming. We develop names for firms, products, services, and characters.

When we develop a new brand name for you, we employ various creative techniques. Then we filter the resulting created words in several steps based on their usability.

At our naming agency, naming includes checking the name, because not every name can be used. Whether the chosen name already exists is checked for during the identity screening process. During similarity screening we compare whether similar names and words are already registered in trademark registers.

If the brand name should be used internationally, at the agency, we test during the naming process whether the name harmonizes with the most commonly used languages in the target countries. This test serves to confirm that the new brand name can be pronounced in these countries as well, and that it does not have different or even negative meanings.

As a result of the naming process, you receive suitable naming choices along with a rationale for each for your decision-making.

Nomen est omen … The name is an omen!


Naming is an iterative process. It leads consistently from briefing and positioning via naming strategy and creation to deep evaluation in order to test the secure usability of the new name.

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Many names have been created by our agency. Naming is a matter of trust for us. Therefore, we publish only excerpts of our customers and names.


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