Brand Elements

Brand elements, in the simplest sense, consist of words and images, but they go far beyond that. Brand elements are about everything, tangible and intangible, that customers experience when they come into contact with a company. Brand elements are about personality, values, value propositions, and expectations.

They turn the brand into a promise, an experience, a recognisable symbol, an asset.

Brand elements are unique. They make every company, every B2B brand special, while creating an identity that grows from within and unfolds the most coherent image possible in the market. Brand elements go deeper than design features, which are the part that shapes the appearance. Brand elements form the solid foundation of the B2B brand.

Brand elements for brand positioning

For the development of holistic brand positioning for your B2B brand, we combine the following brand elements during brand consulting at our B2B agency.

 Gemeinsam mit dem Kunden werden Brand Elements wie Markenpersönlichkeit, Markenwerte, Markengrundsätze, Benefits und Consumer Insights definiert. | INCREON

Brand principles

Brand purpose

Brand purpose describes the company’s purpose and interprets what is above the company’s goals. It is about meaning, drive, and motivation for long-term action and the existence of the company or B2B brand. Read more

Vision and mission

Vision and mission describe the future image of the company and the brand. The goal to be achieved is formulated in the vision. The mission makes the task of the company and the brand clear. It conveys what the company expects of itself and the solution to its challenges. Read more

Positioning statement, Reason to believe

The job of the positioning statement and reason to believe is to formulate the benefits of the company, the B2B brand, in a nutshell in 30 seconds or three minutes. When this happens, it is more than stringing facts together, but about inspiring, exciting, and touching. The positioning statement combines your own claim and justification, value proposition, and proof in just a few sentences. Read more

Brand story

The brand story connects the past, present and future. It provides insights and creates relationships. The brand story turns values and promises into emotional momentum that remains in one’s memory and can be passed on. Read more

Brand values

Shared values are the link in a stable community. Values hold companies together, at headquarters and across locations. Values are the basis for the behavior of managers and employees. Lived brand values contribute to success in B2B companies if they are expressed and communicated authentically. Read more

Brand personality

Brand personality is central to brand development and brand management. It is strategically linked to the brand purpose, vision and mission, brand values — in short, to the holistic brand identity. The brand personality finds its visual expression in all design elements as well as in tonality and language. Read more

Benefits/Brand promise

The value proposition is the unique promise of value that companies and B2B brands offer their target groups. Those who can answer this question with certainty, both rationally and emotionally, make a clear promise for decision-making and purchasing processes. It becomes a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from the competition. Read more

Customer insights/Customer journey

Understanding the target groups, being able to describe them, knowing their needs and expectations — this is also important in B2B, industrial, and technology markets. Decision-makers, decision-making structures, and decision-making motives must be considered in a differentiated manner. Intercultural aspects also play a role in global markets. The clearer the customer insights, the better the understanding of the holistic brand positioning. Read more

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