Executive videos are an effective means of showing the personal side of company management and executives. They often have a direct character and are intended to bring the management level closer to stakeholders, customers and employees.

Increase the value of the brand.

You can increase the value of your brand with executive videos. Executive videos and executive interviews are an important part of branding. Company directors and managing directors have a lasting positive influence on the company’s reputation. This leads to greater loyalty among customers and employees – which in turn leads to greater success and profit for the company and brand. The services of INCREON Studios in conjunction with the INCREON branding team:

  • Authentic training before and during the shoot by an experienced moderator and trainer
  • Training, preparation and production in German and/or English
  • Including Postproduction, editing, sound and effects
  • Content preparation of the executive video interview with a focus on branding

Why are executive videos important for branding?

However, everyday working life often makes it difficult for managers to come into direct contact with customers, employees and investors. Video messages can compensate for this somewhat. People believe people more than beautiful (homepage) texts. The question for us as a B2B branding agency is therefore: Why do we still see so few personal video messages from management on the Internet? We don’t mean image films with happy smiling people, but concrete and direct video messages as executive interviews from company representatives.

“Executive videos are bridges to trust and transparency, they are the direct line to communicate the essence of the corporate culture and create a sustainable connection with stakeholders.”

Executive videos – a small step for the manager, a big one for the brand …

The trend towards more meaningful communication is strong – especially in international B2B markets. The impact of top executives is effective and emotionalizing for brand building. This can have a lasting impact on the image. Neither technology nor costs are limiting factors today – it’s just that managers often put up a fight as soon as they hear the word “camera” or “video”.

Managers may be strong, eloquent and convincing in meetings or one-to-one conversations – but like everyone else, they often have little experience with cameras. That’s why they often have an inner shyness and appear unnatural, less authentic and insecure or even stiff in video – and of course they don’t want to be seen that way.

As a B2B branding agency, we specialize in branding and communicating brand messages. We are aware of the importance of top executives as brand ambassadors. With the Executive Video service at INCREON Studios, we have the solution for this task. We help executives to overcome their inner personal defenses against cameras in order to appear the way they want to in front of the camera. With a small, two-person team and technology reduced to the bare essentials, we avoid disruptive factors on set. We make managers fit so that they come across as authentic, convincing, competent, likeable and engaging in the executive video.

Become a brand ambassador with an INCREON Executive Video

As a branding agency, we offer all services that ensure that you appear credible as a brand and company ambassador – this means that content, words and body language match the brand values.

  • Content: Development of the content structure, definition of target groups and interests, interview questions, storyboard
  • Person: Leadership training by an experienced moderator and trainer – in person or via video call. Naturalness and authenticity in the presentation are crucial for conveying credibility.
  • Moderation, either visible or off-camera
  • Training parallel to recording
  • Direct evaluation of impact, authenticity and telegenicity during the shoot
  • Parallel recording of the executive video simultaneously with several cameras – on site at the customer’s premises or in the INCREON studios. Professional production, good lighting and an appealing visual environment are crucial to making a positive impression.
  • Possible recording situations: static while sitting or standing, dynamic while walking, as a guided interview together with a professional moderator or with an off-screen moderator
  • Editing, digitization, rendering, delivery of the video as a web version and in high-resolution quality

And action!

Executives can make a big impact as brand ambassadors. Executive videos are used in a variety of contexts, such as for company presentations, announcements of strategic decisions, updates on company performance or even for recruiting purposes. Let an executive video showcase you in an authentic and positive way …

Virtual studio. Lots of brand. Little effort.

“Your own studio? Only production companies and news channels can afford that. But not us as a B2B company!” Yes, we can now. Technology and digitalization make it possible. There are two different approaches.

The multifunctional stage

One approach is to imagine the stage as a multifunctional room or a large photo studio. Only virtual. A few elements and brand colors characterize the space. It is permanently illuminated. A large number of presentation constants are available. Products and prototypes for which suitable data is available can easily be placed in it as 3D objects – in long shot and close-up, from above, below, right, left, behind. In daylight and at dusk.

The same is also possible as a film, with tracking shots around the product or filming of details. Texts and infographics can also be integrated for product presentations and explanatory videos.

A real presenter or an illustrated avatar can take over the presentation. The real presenter works in the green screen studio, is detached and placed in the stage. In this way, the virtual and real worlds merge into one film. We realize this in our own studio at the agency.

The virtual brand studio

The other approach is the classic studio: like a news studio or a show stage that is always the same for a particular program. Such a studio can be completely designed in virtual space in line with the brand identity. Virtual walls for films, graphics and other information are prepared. There may also be seating for discussions and interviews.

A presenter presents company news, leads through live presentations of products and solutions, interviews top management and executives – all this is possible and can be done with little effort. Live streams from the virtual studio, in which viewers can also ask questions directly via chat as in a webinar, are also possible at the agency.

Of course, both applications must first be thought through, conceived, visually designed and set up in the agency. Once the virtual space is in place, moving image content can be produced fairly quickly with efficient preparation and very manageable effort.

a perfect team

Photo, video and virtual realities must be thought of and created together. At INCREON, this is possible in-house, with all-inclusive services. From the creative idea, concept and storyboard to shooting, post-production and motion graphics to integration in virtual spaces and videos in virtual spaces with virtual machines and people, everything is possible. Experts work together on an interdisciplinary basis. For a unique brand or product experience.


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