virtual communication B2B

Virtual B2B communication enables companies to connect with each other across spatial and cultural boundaries. It opens up global business interactions and enables companies to communicate their messages effectively in virtual worlds.

Virtual dimensions and potentials.

Virtual B2B communication – boundless opportunities and new horizons

In an ever-changing business world, virtual B2B communication opens doors to new contacts and connections for industrial and technology companies. What is virtual B2B communication? What are the possible applications? How can we as a B2B branding agency accompany internationally operating B2B companies?

In the rapidly changing business world, virtual B2B communication is becoming the bridge that leads us into a future where distance disappears, innovation is borderless and global partnerships are strengthened through immersive experiences.

Virtual B2B communication revolutionized

Advances in technology are creating more and more opportunities to overcome physical barriers. Virtual B2B communication enables companies to expand their presence globally and create interactive experiences beyond physical boundaries.

Virtual B2B communication refers to the use of digital technologies to enable business communication and interaction in virtual environments. This includes virtual conferences, webinars, virtual showrooms, 3D presentations and more:

  • Virtual conferences and trade fairs: B2B companies can participate in virtual events worldwide, give presentations and meet interested audiences without being physically present.
  • Webinars and virtual workshops: These virtual forms of communication offer the opportunity to share expert knowledge and interact directly with participants, regardless of their location.
  • Virtual showrooms: From our perspective as a B2B branding agency, this is the best way to present machines, systems, products, processes and solutions in 3D to interested parties, customers and employees. Virtual showrooms offer an immersive experience that – if done well – comes very close to reality. They bring sizes, dimensions, sounds, speeds and much more to life. They are essential for future brand experiences at product level and in terms of interaction.
  • Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR): customers can experience and test products virtually before they buy them. Virtual showrooms and AR/VR experiences are closely linked.
  • Collaboration tools: Joint project work and communication via platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Effectiveness and importance of virtual B2B communication

Virtual communication enables an intensive and direct exchange that overcomes time zones and distances. It increases reach, saves time and costs, and enables B2B companies to present their expertise globally. Virtual B2B communication not only opens up international markets, but also presents the challenge of understanding cultural nuances and communicating respectfully to avoid misunderstandings.

As a B2B branding agency and through our agency division INVIZCOM, we accompany companies holistically on this path. It starts with strategic consulting, in which we work with the client to identify the right virtual formats and adapt them to the company’s individual goals. Once the goal and strategy have been defined, it’s a matter of designing the virtual experiences. Impressive virtual presentations and showrooms are created to effectively present products, machines, plants, processes and services. The technical realization, from selection to implementation, are part of our portfolio.

Virtual B2B communication offers industrial and technology companies an extended platform to act globally and to use innovative communication channels. With our expertise as a B2B branding agency, companies can make the most of the opportunities offered by virtual communication and effectively expand their international presence.

Virtual B2B communication opens up a world of infinite possibilities in which we can do business, create experiences and forge connections that reach across screens and continents.


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