Claim and slogan

The claim is derived from the positioning of the company or organization. The naming agency INCREON develops claims that describe the core of the brand.

Is there a difference?

Are the claim and slogan two words for the same thing, and if not, how are they different from each other? From our point of view as a naming and branding agency, the claim and the slogan name different things. And from a branding perspective, the difference is clear! As a naming agency, we start by looking at the claim.

The claim

In the context of positioning and naming, the claim is more important than the slogan. Ultimately, a suitable claim is derived from the positioning of the company, for in good positioning, the claim (brand promise) and reason why, benefit, and reason to believe (proof of utility) are sufficiently formulated, the inner claim (for use internal to the company) is defined, and the core of the brand is succinctly described. This builds the basis for the development of the claim, which is to convey the basic promise of the company in a few words in a descriptive or emotional way. Typical rhetorical devices for a claim are, among others, appeal, comparison, alliteration, analogy, rhetorical question, and metaphor. In any event, a claim is something of lasting value. It communicates the position of the brand over the long term — to employees, customers, suppliers, and partners. The claim makes an essential contribution to building the brand over the long term and enforcing the identity of the brand in the market.

The slogan

In the viewpoint of our agency and given the background of naming, the slogan is in a different context. The slogan usually addresses a product, service, or offering. It often does this temporarily in connection with a campaign. The focus of a slogan is the quick penetration of a statement, creating sales appeals, or quickly influencing the public.

The word ‘slogan’ comes from Scottish Gaelic in an etymological sense. In times of peace, it was a way to gather the clan; in times of war, a call to arms. What in German is today the (advertising) slogan is the “endline” or “strapline” for the British and “tagline” for Americans.


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