The aim of audio production is to bring the creative ideas that have emerged in the sound branding process to a result, for example to set a video to music or to add a voiceover. The demand for high-quality, professionally produced, affordable audio productions with royalty-free music and GEMA-free music is the result.

Audiovisual brand experiences for B2B companies.

Audio Production by WIDESOUL is the right choice for industrial companies looking for a full-service partner for audiovisual productions, concepts, film productions, post-production, music production, dubbing, dubbing and radio spots – including international localization, adaptation and translation. As a partner of one of the largest voiceover/speaker databases, WIDESOUL can easily implement adaptations and localizations in all common and unusual languages.

Economy and quality of audio productions.

With the multimedia possibilities of communication, the importance of audiovisual media is also increasing. The quality of films, videos and clips must be right in both the B2C and B2B sectors. As a result, there is a need for high-quality, professionally produced, affordable audio productions with royalty-free music and GEMA-free music.

Audio Production from WIDESOUL.

Audio production is about realizing the creative ideas from the sound branding process. And also to add sound to videos in general or to provide a voice-over. WIDESOUL offers you the complete spectrum of audio production for web films, presentations and soundtracks. We are your partner from recording to mastering.

We produce music, voice-over recordings including text conception and international translation, videos, web films and 3D animations. We create the perfect corporate sound. We develop sound logos, jingles, corporate music, corporate voices and soundscapes as the acoustic realization of the corporate brand.

In addition to self-produced material, we also draw on common free sound archives as required and adapt the material to suit the project. The addition of freely accessible audio material saves time and money and makes the process more efficient.

And finally, we also guide you through the entire trademark law process – from the search to the registration of your sound mark or acoustic signals.


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