Linguistic evaluation

A global, multilingual-oriented approach, including linguistic evaluation, is customary in every naming project. Therefore, our team includes language experts and word-juggling colleagues whose native languages are among the world’s most important.

So that the name is correctly understood.

International pronunciation, cultural suitability, and avoidance of negative meanings are important decision-making aspects at every stage in the naming process. Through our in-house linguists, linguistic considerations are an integral part in the condensation and selection of name ideas at every stage.

As the iterative process of name creation progresses and final favorites are selected, linguistic scrutiny becomes increasingly important for international names. The assessment of pronunciation, lexical meaning, and association is part of every name decision. Favorites are subjected to a wider market test to investigate name ideas in the relevant target markets.


A world language is characterized by the fact that it has many native speakers and many non-native speakers speak it as a foreign language. In naming, the international importance of the language as a lingua franca for international contacts in business, science and culture is added.

Important world languages according to their international importance as a lingua franca:

Weltsprachen im Sinn der meistgesprochenen Sprachen der Welt | INCREON

The linguistic test as an objective part in the assessment of name creations.

The new brand name is tested per language area by linguists who live in the target country. They assess the naming ideas relative to pronunciation, meaning, and association as part of the linguistic test. Vocabulary, words, and meaning are considered during the evaluation. Furthermore, acceptance and the ability to be a brand are examined. Pragmatic analysis in terms of common speech acts is also part of the linguistic evaluation. This approach provides twofold information about the chances of a possible brand name, as language and subculture in the target countries are constantly evolving.

The linguistic examination results in an objective judgment regarding the usability of a name in the relevant language areas. A detailed written report with recommendations for action concludes the linguistic examination.


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