B2B naming agency

As a B2B naming agency with a focus on industrial marketing communication, INCREON occupies itself with international naming daily.

For the entire world.

The world is becoming smaller and smaller. Markets are growing even more closely together internationally. This places demands on the names of companies and products in B2B markets. It is clear that international brands for consumer goods, commodities, and large technologies have as uniform of names as possible in all markets. This is because a known, internationally pronounceable brand name contributes significantly to strength, recognizability, referral, and customer loyalty. This development is increasingly reaching the actors in B2B markets. The awareness that the strategies of the ‘global brands’ also have their place is growing in business-to-business markets. This brings up the question: How do you create a name which, as far as possible, can be used around the globe?

International naming

For every naming project, there is a basic statement — regardless of whether the naming project is a regional, national, or international one for a company or product: The name is always the long-term foundation of the brand. The more solid the basis, the more stable the long-term and successful branding.

Through both locations of the B2B naming agency in two internationally formative cultural areas, in Munich for the Western understanding and in Shanghai for the Eastern understanding, we have a special view of international B2B name creation.

Essentials for a good name

An essential fundamental for the work at the B2B naming agency is a clear understanding of what the company or product can do. The clearer the positioning, the better the ideal naming strategy can be derived. Then, during the name creation phase, brand names can be developed in a goal-oriented way — names that create images in the minds of the target groups and leave an impression on the target groups.

The duty of the naming agency is, given the multinational use of a B2B brand name, to pay attention to the fact that root words are derived and recognized in as many languages as possible and that symbolic or associative name creations also are suitable and able to be understood in the cultural and historical context of the many countries.

At the end is the most important thing: The international protectability of the new brand name has to be guaranteed. Only the legal protection of the new brand name stakes out the claim and creates a foundation of real, lasting value for the brand.

Well-prepared and iteratively along the journey to the destination

The expectations placed on a new name are usually high. Many people are involved directly or indirectly in the naming process. The internal and external stakeholders play a large role in building opinions. Depending on the nature of the project, chairpeople, members of the board, committee members, consultants, and others are to be convinced of the strategic development of a new brand name. At the same time, the circle of those who work with the naming agency during the development of the name should be kept small.

Naming is an iterative process that requires clean conceptional preparatory work, creating with a goal in mind, and reliable evaluation. And, above all, objectivity and the readiness to compromise are essential. Personal sensitivities and subjective taste have to be put aside when the assignment is creating and enforcing a multilingual B2B brand name that is to function internationally and support the brand over the long term.

Naming in China

The Chinese written language consists of over 5,000 common characters. At the naming agency, a thorough understanding of the Chinese language and its dialects is indispensable for successful B2B naming. For every naming project in China, we break down the connections between linguistics and culture, apply this knowledge to transliteration or transcription, and continuously evaluate the creative results during the naming process.

In this way, we try to ensure that the recipient understands what the sender wants to express. This sustainable naming process for China is based on the fact that German, English, and Chinese native speakers from our multicultural naming team work together on every project — close to the client, in Germany, Europe, and China.


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