The Green Screen Studio is an important studio format today. From classic video productions to innovative 3D applications, the versatile possibilities of Green Screen Studios have revolutionised the way B2B companies can present their messages and industrial products.

Special recording device with green or blue background.

What is a Green Screen Studio and where is it used?

A green screen studio is a special recording facility with green or blue walls that makes it possible to replace the background with digital effects (so-called keying). This process was originally developed for the film industry. However, the field of application has expanded considerably with the development of recording technology and software development. At INCREON Studios, we use the Green Screen Studio for various video formats, virtual events, online presentations and training videos, as well as for the preparation of 3D and CGI applications.

Opportunities for international B2B companies: Executive Videos

Green Screen Studios open up a wealth of opportunities for international B2B companies. The production of executive videos, in which managers stand directly in front of the green screen and act with individual backgrounds, adds a personal touch to brand and corporate communication. The quiet setting encourages focussed work. As a rule, it is possible to realise an entire series of recordings on a thematic block here, which are then edited and prepared for publication in a second step. Green screen shots make it particularly possible to record consistent and professional messages regardless of the location of the manager and to publish them later in a setting that matches the brand and the brand messages.

Green Screen Studios for 3D photoscanning and rigging of 3D avatars

Advancing technology has enabled the use of green screen studios for sophisticated 3D applications. From 3D photo scanning to rigging motion sequences for 3D avatars, the INCREON Green Screen Studio provides a perfect environment. By precisely capturing movements and backgrounds, it enables the seamless integration of real people into virtual worlds.

Necessity for 3D and CGI productions

The importance of green screen studios extends beyond classic video productions and plays a central role in the INVIZCOM world of 3D and CGI. The precise separation of people or objects from the background makes it possible to embed them in a wide variety of scenarios. This is crucial for the creation of realistic animations, visualisations and virtual reality content.

Use the possibilities of green screen technology

Shooting in green screen studios is no longer an expensive and complex tool, but a necessity for modern and fast productions. From executive videos for international B2B companies to highly developed 3D applications, it offers a wide range of possibilities for the brand communication of international industrial companies. The opportunities of the Green Screen Studio lie in its increasing accessibility. It will become an indispensable tool for companies looking to produce innovative and engaging content.

At INCREON Green Screen Studios, we also support international B2B companies in setting up their own green screen studios at one or more locations. Consultancy services include equipment and technology, training and coaching employees in the use of video and sound. On request, we can also coach the actors who regularly appear in front of the camera as brand ambassadors on one or more topics.

“Green Screen Studio unleashes limitless potential: from executive videos for international B2B companies to seamless integration into 3D and CGI productions, they are the platform for innovative and impressive content.”

a perfect team

Photo, video and virtual realities must be thought of and created together. At INCREON, this is possible in-house, with all-inclusive services. From the creative idea, concept and storyboard to shooting, post-production and motion graphics to integration in virtual spaces and videos in virtual spaces with virtual machines and people, everything is possible. Experts work together on an interdisciplinary basis. For a unique brand or product experience.


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