Mission & Vision

INCREON is more than words, more than 20 years of experience. Don’t expect empty phrases from us. We think, design and implement – with over two decades of experience under our belts. We are creative strategists and strategic doers who bring every B2B naming and branding project to a successful conclusion.

Inspiring. Creativity. On track.

Our name INCREON is our commitment. Inspiring – Creativity – On track, that is our guiding principle and our promise.

We know how to make every B2B brand development inspiring. With fresh ideas, always up to date and a passionate approach, we take unconventional paths to lead your brands to success.

Creativity is our trademark. We create new, previously unknown things that are unique to you, your brand and your tasks. Our aim is to strengthen the individuality of each brand and give it an unmistakable identity.

On Track
This is of fundamental importance to us. We stick to the plan, meet our clients’ needs and stay within the agreed costs and timing. This basis for success is essential for sustainable and successful agency work.

With INCREON, you can trust that our services will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. We put our promises into practice to guarantee your success.



We are fascinated by technology and industrial products. They are important parts of complex manufacturing processes or essential elements of a wide variety of end products. With authentic branding and inspiring B2B marketing, we bring industrial and technology companies and their products onto the stage: to inspire employees and customers, support sales, convince investors and successfully expand market positions.


We are a reliable global sparring partner at eye level – from holistic consulting, strategy and concept to design and implementation in classic, digital and virtual communication. We work passionately to ensure that our clients attract, inspire and retain the right employees and customers, and sometimes also investors, and manage them profitably. Thanks to our in-depth understanding of technology, processes and sales as well as our way of working, we deliver sustainable success for our clients in technology and industry.




Our corporate values are our core beliefs and principles. They guide our daily actions. They are our compass in times of change. Through them, we build trust, foster collaboration, and forge long-term relationships – both within our team and with our customers and partners.


Astuteness or acumen is a penetrating understanding and the ability to quickly grasp the essentials and rapidly understand. Astuteness is needed at INCREON for naming and branding. Intelligence and critical thinking help in doing small operative work, but not losing oneself in it, and in keeping the big picture in mind.


Feelings and intuition are important counselors and impulse generators: in teamwork, while guiding customers, in making decisions. Those who handle their own feelings well will empathize with others more easily and contribute much to a good work atmosphere within INCREON and in contact with clients and partners.


Passion sets free energy that gives rise to creative ideas and motivation. That inspires the entire INCREON team, moves the client, and turns ideas into successful projects. Passion is an important key to moving forward.


Teams live from a balanced mix of personalities and cultures—at INCREON, too. Every day demands curiosity, interest, sensibility, and an open mind. Diversity is an opportunity and we try to make use of the positive aspects of this variety for our work and our assignments.


Moving within one’s comfort zone is easy and requires little, but does not really bring one further. Leaving the comfort zone and asking uncomfortable questions makes one advance faster. Making decisions, standing up for decisions, wanting to shape things—that requires courage. This can be trained.

Able to improvise

“On track” is one of INCREON’s main promises. Good planning and having details in mind are prerequisites. But not everything runs according to plan. Then talent for improvisation is important; then things have to be tried out. Finding solutions is a creative process in the sense of trial and error. Courage, clarity, and decisiveness are helpful in this regard.


Honesty is more than saying the truth. It has to do with plain dealing, sincerity, openness, fairness, and straightforwardness. Towards oneself. And towards other people and assignments. Honesty is a high value, but the decisive factor for being able to look at yourself in the mirror every evening.


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