Employer Benefits

Attractive employer benefits play a crucial role in attracting and retaining employees. A comprehensive benefits package shows that the company takes the well-being and satisfaction of its employees seriously.

Attractive additional services make the difference.

Employer benefits are additional services and advantages that employers offer their employees to attract, retain and motivate them. They serve to make the working environment more attractive and to increase employee satisfaction. In an increasingly global labour market, employer benefits have become a crucial tool to differentiate an employer from the competition. Therefore, it is important to highlight attractive recruiting benefits in communication accordingly.

The most attractive employer benefits

Different benefits have different appeal in different labour markets. Nevertheless, there are some benefits that are considered particularly attractive in many countries. From our agency’s point of view, it is good for inter-nationally operating B2B companies if there is a large overlap across all locations:

  • Flexible working hours and home office: The possibility to work flexibly and from home is appreciated by many employees. This allows for a better work-life balance and increases employee satisfaction.
  • Continuing education and career development: Employees place great value on the opportunity to develop professionally. Companies that offer training programmes and career advancement opportunities attract talented professionals.
  • Company pension schemes and health insurance: Social security plays an important role for employees worldwide. Employers who offer company pension schemes and comprehensive health insurance can score points.
  • Company cars and mobility offers: In some countries, company cars or discounted mobility offers are an attractive benefit that can strengthen employee retention.
  • Employee discounts:Perks and discounts for products or services of one’s own company are popular benefits that promote employee retention.

Do employer benefits have the same effect in international labour markets?

Although some benefits are considered attractive in many countries, there are cultural and regional differences that must be taken into account. For example, certain benefits may be taken for granted in one country, while they are considered a special perk in another. It is therefore important to tailor employer benefits to the specific needs and expectations of the target group in each labor market.

In some countries, tax and legal frameworks can also influence the design of benefits. A benefit that is tax-free in one country may be taxable in another. Careful planning and advice is therefore important in order to design benefits in the best possible way and avoid legal pitfalls.

This also plays a role in communication, both internally and externally. As a branding agency, we see two approaches here that ensure cooperation instead of covetousness: transparency and clarification. Precisely because not everything is the same everywhere. From the cost of living to tax conditions.

Employer benefits play an important role in international labour markets to attract and retain qualified employees in the long term.

Benefits must be specifically adapted to the needs and expectations of the target group in the respective countries in order to achieve a sustainable impact.

The influence of employer benefits on employee recruitment and retention

Attractive employer benefits are crucial to attracting and retaining employees. In a global competition for skilled workers, appealing fringe benefits can make all the difference when it comes to attracting talented employees. With a comprehensive benefits package, the employer shows that it cares about the well-being and satisfaction of its employees.

Furthermore, employer benefits promote employee loyalty. Employees who are valued and supported by their employer are more motivated and committed. They identify more strongly with the company and are less inclined to switch to other employers. Attractive employer benefits should also be repeatedly brought to mind with appropriate communication measures so that special benefits do not become ‘taken for granted’ too quickly.


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