Photography. More than visual design.

Photography is more than just capturing moments. It is a powerful tool in the B2B brand communication of industrial companies. And it spans various genres that should ultimately work together effectively and sustainably.

Diversity in pictures.

Photography spans various genres, from product photography and architectural photography to industrial and portrait photography. Each of these categories offers unique opportunities to visually present a company’s identity and character.

Photography has the unique advantage of capturing moments in their essence without the need for elaborate productions. Compared to video, photography offers a faster production time and allows for the precise representation of products and assets. In contrast to 3D/CGI, which is often perceived as more elaborate and not one hundred percent realistic, photography adds a real and authentic touch.

“In visual brand communication, the fusion of photography, video and CGI is becoming a powerful tool that enables companies to tell not just products, but entire stories.”

The synergy of photography, video and CGI

There are numerous opportunities for international B2B companies to strengthen their own brand through photography. Industrial product photography, atmospheric architectural shots and powerful executive portraits help to reinforce the company’s identity on a global scale.

The combination of photography, video and CGI creates a comprehensive visual narrative. While photography captures the authentic, video brings movement to life, and CGI enables the visualization of complex concepts. These three elements complement each other harmoniously and create an impressive overall effect.

3D photo scanning opens up new dimensions for CGI productions. By precisely capturing physical objects, realistic 3D models can be created. This is particularly advantageous in industry, as complex machines, prototypes and systems can be brought to life in a virtual environment.

When is a photo shoot project successful?

As with many projects, success depends on clear objectives and sustainable planning. These aspects are very important at INCREON Studios:

  • Clear goals: Clearly defined goals and expectations that are taken into account at every stage of the project. Requirements for the images and areas of use. Definition of the target groups that will mainly see and use the future images.
  • Efficiency: Efficient planning and implementation to keep to the time frame and budget.
  • Flexibility: The ability of everyone involved on the agency and client side to adapt to different circumstances and overcome unexpected challenges; because even with the best planning, things can happen. Even if it’s just cloudy skies instead of sunshine.
  •  Cooperation: Close collaboration between the company and the photo team to ensure that the images effectively convey the desired messages. In industrial photography in particular, you need a specialist who pays attention to the details.
  •  Continuous communication: Open and continuous communication between all parties involved throughout the entire project. Always working together to achieve the best possible result.
  •  Quality: High quality standards in image production, image selection and final image processing.

Steps to the perfect image and ideal use

A successful photo shoot project in the field of international B2B communication and industrial photography is divided into several phases and work steps. Here are the typical steps that lead to a successful project:

“Photography is not just about capturing images; it is about forming visual identities that make the essence of a company visible to the world.”

  • Needs analysis: Clear definition of the requirements and objectives of the photo shoot in a B2B context. What kind of images are required? What messages should be conveyed?
  • Target group analysis: Understanding the target groups and their expectations of visual communication. What should be shown or explained with the images? What feeling should the images trigger in the relevant target group?
  • Budget planning: Determination of the financial framework for the project.
  • Storytelling: Development of an overarching story or narrative to structure the messages.
  • Location-Scouting: Search for suitable locations for the shoot, be it in production facilities, offices or other relevant environments.
  • Style and aesthetics: Definition of the visual style that matches the brand identity and target group preferences.
  • Scheduling: Determination of a detailed schedule for the photo shoot. For outdoor shoots with alternative options due to weather dependency.
  • Logistics: Organization of travel, accommodation and all necessary logistical details, especially for international projects.
  • Permits: Obtain all necessary permits for photography at the selected locations.
  • Equipment and team: Ensuring that the photography team has the necessary equipment and expertise.
  • Communication with the team: Clear communication with the team on site to ensure that everyone involved understands the objectives and expectations. And that everyone is clear about their competencies and responsibilities.
  • Selection criteria: Definition of clear criteria for the selection of the best images, based on the previously defined objectives.
  • Post-processing: Professional image editing to ensure that the selected images meet quality standards and convey the desired messages in the best possible way.
  • Internal review: Presentation of the selected and edited images for internal review and feedback.
  • Approval: Obtaining the necessary approvals from decision-makers and stakeholders.
  • Integration in marketing materials: Integration of the images in various marketing materials, be it on the website, in brochures or presentations.
  • Social media and PR: distribution of images via various channels to strengthen brand presence.

These steps are fundamental for a successful photo production, but can vary depending on the people, objects or facilities to be photographed and the individual requirements. The professional team at INCREON Studios will assist with every step of this process and ensure that the photo shoot achieves the desired results.


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