Name creation

Name creation involves working freely with ideas, words, syllables, and parts of words from various thematic areas and various languages.

Toward the goal with structure and creativity.

Creating names at first sounds like a lot of creativity. Creativity is indeed needed while juggling with letters, words, and syllables in various languages. At the same time, only the combination of structured and unstructured thinking leads to the goal during the naming process.

Structured creativity

At the start of name creation, it is important that all name creators in the team at the agency know the key points of the naming strategy. This enables targeted creative work and creates consensus on which naming approaches and name suggestions are possible and largely correspond to the desired naming direction.

In its creative meetings, the naming team uses classic techniques to foster creativity. These include, at an early phase, in particular, mind mapping, which collects together thoughts and fields of words. Attribute listing is a systematic and analytic method with the goal of more closely describing properties or attributes, making it a source for creating names.

The known creative techniques such as brainstorming and brainwriting are used in the creative team at the naming agency. The 6-3-5 method is also used. In the first round, six participants write each three ideas. The paper is passed around five times; each time, each person writes more name ideas arising from the first three or the following name ideas. In a short time, over 100 creative name ideas are generated.

Why semantic intuition is helpful

Semantic intuition is helpful when working individually or in teams. This creative method for creating brand names for B2B companies involves collecting and listing words from the environment of, for example, product features, applications, or solutions. In the more sophisticated version, there are two lists — for example, a list with terms that describe functionality and another with emotional aspects. The combination of the words or syllables is the source of inspiration for new name ideas. Playing with terms and concepts in various languages extends the possibilities. With this creative technique, it can also be quite interesting to use words that have nothing to do with the product itself. This expands the spectrum of ideas.

Reaching the goal by using creative techniques

The aim of creating names by using various creative techniques is to generate a large assortment of names that are in harmony with the naming strategy and which, during the next step, can be chosen and evaluated in accordance with their strategic fit. The names that stand out at this stage, are memorable, and fit the naming strategy move on for a content review at the naming agency.


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