Naming strategy

When we at the naming agency create a naming strategy together with our client, we work out the requirements profile for the international brand name to be created.

Choose the right way with a brand name strategy.

Well-founded analysis is the basis for the effective choice of a name strategy. During the phase of the strategic preliminary work, we need the findings of the market environment and brand environment analysis relevant for naming. The information from the macro environment of the company and the knowledge from the micro environment provide the direction. After all, names serve to identify, differentiate, and classify. And they carry a promise in them. The sound of the name creates associations and expectations.

The naming strategy creates the foundation

As we discuss the naming strategy, we define the profile of the name to be created. We distinguish between defining a naming strategy to develop a single company name from a naming strategy for the merger of two companies. In the latter, it has to be assessed whether and if so which name or name component will remain or whether an independent, new, and international brand name will be created. And it also makes a difference whether a new product or a product range is to be named. In this context, it is important how a new product relates to the company’s overall product range.

Each naming strategy is unique

Each brand name needs its own naming strategy. Each company and each market is different. This is where only processes can be standardized. The rest comes from experience in the naming agency owing to working on numerous and various international naming projects. A clear name strategy which is agreed on together before the start of the creative work creates a solid foundation for being creative in a particular direction and for judging the creative results. This is where we come full circle to the above-mentioned effective decisions that are necessary for an international naming strategy.


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